There is a countless variety of activities in Isla Mujeres, especially if you enjoy the water. Sail through the clear quiet waters, snorkel in the coral reef Garrafón National Park, dive in the impressive Cave of the Sleeping Sharks and don’t miss Farito, Islaché and Manchones coral reefs.

In North Beach, you can enjoy a day of sun, sea and relaxation on the white sand. If you’d like to take in some history and culture, the temple to the goddess Ixchel, deity of the ancient Maya can be found at the other end of the island on a cliff known as Punta Sur.

If you are a nature lover, there is a nearby sanctuary which houses more than 90 species of birds during the summer and where whale sharks arrive to feed. Contoy Island can be reached by boats which depart daily from the docks of Isla Mujeres. Or, if you find that you simply can’t get yourself to leave your peaceful hammock on your private terrace during your entire stay on Isla Mujeres, don’t worry, your home will be awaiting you whenever you can make it back.